18-Years Old Millionaire: a Real Bitcoin Fairy Tale

Erik Finman

Erik Finman is just 18 y.o, but he is already the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the whole world! He owns 403 bitcoins, and it equals nearly 3 million dollars, taking into account the current exchange course. Fascinating! Unbelievable! The youngster lives in Hollywood, has his own startups, luxury cars, without schools and colleges!
Sit back and enjoy the story that everybody believed to be impossible.

Erik was just 12 when his granny gave him $1K for a holiday. She wanted her grandson to pay that money for college, but Erik had extremely other thought on how to spend the money. He bought Bitcoins for all the granny’s gift. 1 BTC cost nearly $10-12 per coin. Erik’s funds grew to $100K to the 2013 year and he decided to leave school and to become one of the youngest world’s entrepreneurs.

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It may seem strange, but the decision to leave education was right, though, many adults would judge this teenager for doing this. Maybe they will change their opinions, as Finman says that the quality of education in his school was very poor. Teachers were constantly criticizing him. One of his teachers even said that Erik may leave school and get to working in McDonald’s because this is the only thing he is able to do.

The teenager laughs and notices that he has already done the first thing.


After Bitcoin prices increased to $1200 per one coin, he sold all of them and created the Botangle platform. It is an online education resource that helped pupils in finding really good professional teachers and mentors. The whole education was conducted via a live chat.

After that, he withdrew the rest of his funds and spent them on travelling. This was the sure way to leave his home in Idaho.

He met different people and negotiated with various businessmen, asking them whether they were interested in buying his business. In early 2015, he met a man who offered Erik $100K (or 300 BTC) for his startup. Finman thought for a while and chose the second option, as he believed that Bitcoins are “the next big thing”, not paying attention to the fact that the cryptocurrency lost nearly $200 per one for that moment. His parents were surprised and even confused, as they thought that taking money would be more reasonable, but Erik was sure he made a quite strong investment.

Today he owns 403 Bitcoins, that means that the whole capital costs nearly $3 million dollars. Erik doesn’t believe Warren Buffet’s statements about a possible Bitcoin crash, and he is sure that the price for BTC can rise in the future. Well, maybe he is right and the best times for bitcoins are not here yet. By the way, what do you think about it? Please comment, I’ll be glad to discuss.

What is Erik’s lifestyle now?

the richest teenager

The young man lives in Western Hollywood now near to You-Tube stars and IT-elite members. He confesses that he nearly lost his head after getting all those money and rented a Lamborghini. But some time passed, and he has understood that he doesn’t need mega luxury things around him and now young investor prefers to be modest. He wears average clothes and moves with Uber. Surprisingly, a millionaire doesn’t want to boast his money, though he is sure that money gave him freedom.

As for schools and colleges, Erik has an interesting story too. His parents told the boy that he can be free from education if he earns his first million before 18. In 2017, these conditions were fulfilled, the teenager became a millionaire, so, he will never go to college now.
Though all his family members have higher education degrees, he is sure that he has already learned everything he needs.

“I wrote emails to businessmen instead of write dictations during English lessons”, – says Erik.

Finman likes travelling, no matter if he visits business conferences or just explores some new places as a tourist. For instance, Erik went to Australia this summer just to have fun. His favourite place for vacations is Dubai. He says that a technopia built on oil and money is brilliant.

Today, the youngest Bitcoin millionaire manages his own and family’s BTC investments. He has also Etherium and Litecoin capitals. However, he believes that these coins are growing just due to the market speculations, and only Bitcoin is an original and a strong asset.

So, what do you think about this smart young man? I can confess that I would have the lack of courage to spend so much money for Bitcoins, but I found him really clever. That’s a great investment!

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  1. wish I was 18 when I decided to become rich 🙂 what a smart guy

  2. very interesting information! Thank you!

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