5 tips on how to focus on success when you’re an investor

It’s no secret to say investor’s life is full of stress. Dozens of Hollywood movies demonstrate to audience a cheerful bank clerk or a carefree stock trader in the plot ready to risk everything without any doubts. In fact, it’s far from true. In real life you feel more like а hen on a hot griddle. Bad market news on TV or internet, family problems, unpaid loans accompanied by repeated calls from the bank… we are living in difficult times.

Stressful situations affects our investing activity and a stable bad mood has an impact on our results and well-being. Eventually, the way we think is likely to have implications for our thoughts and feelings as well as your business success. So, the main idea is to stop focusing on negativity in order to clean our mind of it. Here I mentioned some tips for you on how I dealt with stress by fencing my life of trashy results:

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1. Surround yourself with soul mates

It is well known that surrounding yourself with successful investors who adhere to a happy way of life will have a positive effect on you. After regular meetings with traders on seminars and informal activities I saw the world differently. Spend time with such kind of individuals, learn their behavioral strategies and share experience.

2. Create positive affirmations and visualize it

Hardly anyone believes, but the Universe works in bringing you what you desire. Many of celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs constantly visualized their success over time. So, take a few minutes to write a list of some areas of your life you want to improve. Set the positive statements for each of points from your list. Read them frequently and visualize your success.

3. Avoid negative thoughts

Try to make a radical change in your lifestyle by eliminating all the negative thoughts. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, just spare yourself such bad influence. It includes TV, printed materials, co-workers etc. You can find a lot of useful techniques in well-known relevant books, for instance, The Power of Positive Thinking or Think and Grow Rich.

4. Achieve little victories

Earning money needs practice and confidence. I started out with little cases in order to develop my skills and practice more. Therefore, before forex trading I’ve already gained some mental stability. It will never be enough as well as the risks are nearby and always high, but anyway. Beginners can benefit welcome bonuses from brokers as a safety net. Forex giants always offer something like that (up to $50). You may find it on XM, FBS, FXTM and so on.

Prizes and rewards can also cheer you up no matter how valuable they are. Forex brokers often offer different discounts or cash bonuses. For instance, JustForex currently offers to participate in the lottery, where your $1 deposit may be easily turned into $500 prize.

5. Stay active

Must-have characteristic of every investor. This rule will help not only have a good mood during all day, but also counteract the negative influence of passive lifestyle. Exercises stimulate releasing endorphins, the hormones that are responsible for feelings of euphoria. Walk more, do the exercises, play outdoor games and you won’t notice how fast your life has changed for the better. This in turn affects your investing decisions.

Finally, no matter where and how old you are, a tremendous desire as well as perception how to act will definitely help to achieve goals!

Leave your ideas of how to focus on success in the comments below.

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