Hello! My name is Mohammad Hafiz. And recently I became a blogger πŸ™‚

I am an ordinary man, 36 years old. I am really fond of traveling and automobiles. This is exactly what prompted me to look for additional income. I start trading on Forex.

Why did I decide to create the blog? At some point, I felt that I had accumulated some knowledge in Forex trading and it’s time to share it with others. As well, I always felt up to writing and I didn’t want to bury my light under a bushel πŸ˜€

But the goal of creating a blog is not only to share my experience. My aim is to learn the experience of other traders, find like-minded people, grow as a trader. So, I’ll be glad if you read articles in the blog and express your opinion in comments or in social media. You can write me anytime.

Hope, my blog will be useful for you!