Affiliate Programs on Forex

Hi there! Today, I want to talk about earnings on Forex without involving in trading. Not only traders can earn on Forex. You can become a partner and receive a stable income by participating in the affiliate programs.

All of us anyway are involved in affiliate programs. For example, you liked a new cafe and you advise it friends. They follow your recommendation and visit it, thereby increasing the income of the owners. The only difference is that this “affiliate” does not bring us income.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting goods and services, popular in almost all fields. The company pays partners for attracting new clients. The main task of the partner programs is to attract clients to a certain company. The partner who brought the client to the company is awarded a fee according to a certain scheme.

Affiliate programs are beneficial for all parties: for advertisers, for partners and for clients. So, advertisers expand the client base, partners get a good income with a minimum of investment, and attracted clients – a complete picture of the company’s services and information support.

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Forex affiliate programs

Forex affiliate programs are a form of cooperation between a Forex broker and an affiliate. The affiliate attracts active clients, who are really interested in trading.

Revenue Share

The most popular and accessible type of partnership is Revenue Share. The majority of partners work under this program. Partner attracts clients interested in Forex trading via own sites, forums, social networks, such advertising platforms as Google.Adwords. Owners of sites and blogs use banners, informers and advertising articles with affiliate links.

Attracted clients are tracked by a referral link. Traders who followed this link and registered become your referrals automatically.

Such links have one feature: when a visitor follows the referral link, it is saved in cookies. Such information is kept from several months to a year. That is, if a visitor returns to the site during this time, he/she will be added to the list of attracted clients.

The partner earns a profit for each transaction of the attracted referral. The more lots the referrals trade, the higher the income.



CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. It is a one-time payment, that means that the broker will pay you a one-time fee for an attracted client. For example, a person follows your link, register and deposit his trading account, the broker pays the reward.

Unlike the Revenue Share program, the volume of transactions made by an attracted client does not affect the amount of your reward.

Regional Representative

A more complex form of partnership, requiring from the partner time, knowledge of forex trading and cash expenses. The costs are mainly related to the office and employees.

The partner opens an office in his city under the company’s brand. That is, you open your business under an already known name.

The regional representative consults and attracts clients, holds advertising campaigns and seminars. The forex broker provides full information support. The amounts of investments and rewards are negotiated by the broker and partners individually.

White Label

White Label is a type of a partnership for a company which wants to become a Forex broker under its own brand. This program allows the company significantly to minimize the costs and to get a full functional for comfortable work: the software, trading conditions, etc.

In short, the purpose of the White Label consists in providing all the necessary “stuffing” to the new company to work on the market under its own brand. The broker receives a one-time payment and monthly deductions from the partner.

What is a multi-level affiliate program?


Affiliate programs can be one-level and multi-level. If the trader follows your referral link, opens the account and starts trading, he becomes your referral. But he can register in the same affiliate program, and becomes a sub-partner. If so, you will receive a reward for the clients attracted by your sub-partner. Over the affiliate profits, you will get a certain percentage of the profits of the sub-partners.

As you can see, everything is simple: if your referral registered in the affiliate program, he becomes your sub-partner automatically. Your sub-partner can also attract both clients and partners. Thus, you receive a reward not only for the activity of your referrals but also for the referrals and partners of your sub-partner. Clearly, the profit from direct referrals is higher than the profit from the sub-referrals.

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