Top 5 Podcasts About Forex Trading


I want to start with the statement that trading podcasts are not anyone’s cup of tea. Still, podcasts are useful and contain many practical tips on trading, investing, risk managing, trading psychology and other related to Forex topics. You can hunt for tips and tricks, or just listen to them if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation.
In this article, I tried to gather only the best trading podcasts that will be useful for traders of any level from newbies to market experts.

What is a podcast?

It is an audio program that can be played with a smartphone or iPod via iTunes. You can also listen to it on your laptop or desktop computer. Usually, such program lasts for around 20 minutes, but there are also podcasts that sound like radio-shows or audio-blogs.
The trading podcast is an ideal choice for day-traders who want to save their time and dedicate it to trading mostly.

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There are tons of different podcasts for anyone on the web. I have collected the best trading podcasts for those who work on Forex and want to keep an eye on the latest world events.

TOP-5 podcasts for traders:

Trader Radio

This is a podcast that was created by Rob Booker who used to host ‘The Traders podcast’ some time ago. It was launched in 2016 and the format is similar to his previous audio-show. It contains his thoughts on Forex, investing, practical advice on trading, trading systems, and so on. Sometimes, Rob talks to guests. Anyway, he is a nice speaker and an experienced expert, so you could try listening to this podcast.

Chat with traders


This is one the best and most well-known shows is host by Aaron Fifield. Every series is presented in the form of an interview with a professional trader or investor. He asks the right questions while discussing trading strategies and gets extensive answers from his guests that can be used as ready-made trading ideas. This podcast is useful both for newbies and expert traders.

52 Traders

This is a podcast which is similar to the previous one and is host by Cam Hawkins. The main idea of this traders podcast is holding one interview in a week so that in the end of the year there were 52 podcasts with different pro traders.
They speak on the trading systems, risks on Forex, general investing rules, and many other useful tips. Every listener will learn something new, as Cam is a great interviewer who’s able to get the most comprehensive answers from his guests.

Power Trading Radio


It is an American traders’ podcast with a plenty of info on currencies, indices, and commodities. Moreover, people on this show often talk about an educative moment, so this one will fit both expert traders and novices who want to get some knowledge and practical tips. Masters of trading share their knowledge in an interesting way. Try it too!

VOX Markets

This one belongs to the podcasts that are focusing on shares and stocks. I know that people won’t talk about Forex there, but if you want to enlarge your knowledge about the financial markets, listen to the masters of the topic. They release two of the financial events in the world: ‘5 things you need to know today’ that is about 2 minutes long, and the main show that is an hour long. You’ll hear deep discussions on the market news, investing, risks on the markers, trading and many other serious things.

What to start with? Choose one of these trading podcasts, visit iTunes or their official site, and listen to it! Then, continue listening to them regularly or switch to another audio shows. Learn more about investing in Forex from the first hands, get practical recommendations, never neglect tips that are shared by expert traders, they may be helpful! Listen to the Forex masters and become one too!

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  1. Thanks, I haven’t listened to 52 traders so will do it now. I liked the descriptions. As for Chat with traders, it’s an awesome show, I listen to it regularly

    1. Hi Peter, I’ll be interested to hear what you think.



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