James Howells Wants to Get Back His Bitcoins…

by: Mohammad Hafiz December 12th, 2017
James Howells

Do you remember the man who threw away his computer with 7500 Bitcoins on its hard disk? I was still wondering why didn’t he do anything to find it again. Bitcoin is growing every day and he could be a millionaire… I have met the new information on that recently.

Trading Apps for Android

by: Mohammad Hafiz December 7th, 2017

There is a variety of apps for devices powered by Android. Such apps make trading more comfortable, as they allow traders to monitor market trends and trade anytime from anywhere.

The First Bitcoin Billionaires from New York

by: Mohammad Hafiz December 5th, 2017
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Twin brothers from New York Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss became the first Bitcoin billionaires! They accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of Facebook and bought plenty of Bitcoins that allowed them to become mega-rich.

Affiliate Programs on Forex

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 28th, 2017

Hi there! Today, I want to talk about earnings on Forex without involving in trading. Not only traders can earn on Forex. You can become a partner and receive a stable income by participating in the affiliate programs.

The Best Trading Apps for iPhone

by: Mohammad Hafiz December 7th, 2017

As everyone who works in the Forex market, I need a constant access to my trading account and charts. Due to this fact, having a trading application on your smartphone is obligatory. I have an iPhone and I want to share the best trading and news apps for this device with you.

Top 5 Podcasts About Forex Trading

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 10th, 2017

Podcasts are useful and contain many practical tips on trading, investing, risk managing, trading psychology and other related to Forex topics. You can hunt for tips and tricks, or just listen to them if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation. In this article, I tried to gather only the best trading podcasts that will be useful for traders of any level from newbies to market experts.