How to Choose the Best Indicators to Use for Day Trading

by: Mohammad Hafiz October 10th, 2017
how to choose

When you start trading, you always need some technical helpers which will tell you: “Hey! Here is a nice entry point. Ans here’s an exit point, take profit, man!” These are technical indicators (and those that are mentioned in this article are even the best Forex technical analysis indicators). They help you in defining a trend and calculating when it’s better to enter/exit from the market. Choose them wisely, as your success often will depend on them.

Japanese Candlesticks: Learn to Read Candlesticks

by: Mohammad Hafiz October 5th, 2017

Japanese candlesticks are one of the most popular methods of the technical analysis. Combinations of Japanese candlesticks are used for two purposes: they help to recognize the current trend and determine entry points to open long and short positions as well as identify possible reversals in the market.

Does Technical Analysis Work? No ratings yet.

by: Mohammad Hafiz July 19th, 2017

The Internet is full of information about the benefits of technical analysis (TA). Today, there are hundreds of courses that teach traders to read short-term “technical” patterns. All this pushes the idea that technical analysis brings profit for sure. But are technical trading rules really profitable and should they be used in trading? Let’s consider technical analysis problems.