Cryptocurrencies becomes a new trend in the Forex market.

People who work with financial assets have noticed the huge growth of the. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies recently, I would like to see deeper into the nature of it. People use it to shop and pay, as well as to receive additional income. This currency is the equivalent of the money that features a special code. It is not controlled by Government or by any Bank, therefore, is a decentralized payments system.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The main idea of the Bitcoin creators is to make the currency does not depend on the decision of the Central Bank. The city's economic cycle, etc.

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As already known from my previous article. Bitcoin is not only cryptocurrency in the world. There are many others such as Litecoin and other fish, ripple Ethereum has more than 500 people at this time. Held at the height of the history of 2750-2800 USD. Bitcoin Eteherium cryptocurrency now we have significant growth as well. It has risen from $14.36 $391.72 during the year.

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies is used by a company that has a widely known name. The WordPress Microsoft Dell Wikipedia steam, Tesla Home Depot Rakuten laenling to work with them.

Share of the market.

The entire market cap of the Bitcoin is more than 45 billion. While the coins and the Ethereum came a $35.5 billion while there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies the overall market cap has beat a level 110 billion dollars.

Some experts still suspect something, there is no cost to any physical manifestation is very Cryptocurrencies have only the balance of the ask and bid. They say it might be a bubble, and we may see a 50% drawdown in the near future, a tightening of regulation cryptocurrencies, by a leading central banks might be one reason.

The future of cryptocurrencies

At the same time. Many leading experts believe The tournament final isBitcoin Ethereum and may a long time.

The reasons may be the fact that you can not use these currencies as real money. And working safely with them due to the high volatility. But there is no reason why it can not be appropriate. Or unable to perform these functions in the future. Therefore, it is difficult to forecast their development that.

Cryptocurrencies forex

I am sure that many contracts and the Ethereum Bitcoin and tools continue to develop highly profitable technology Cryptocurrency statement like Ethereum partner organisations have occurred when speed. Lol this should still be performed blockchain platform in the company's operation Ethereum 85 companies have joined this group. This list includes such technology. And financial giants Microsoft, Intel & Hall

Here are the TOP 5 people that have invested in the Bitcoin-they are all known by investors. So maybe their name seems familiar to you.

Top 5 scholarship in Bitcoin

Marc Andreessen

Cryptocurrencies forex

Investors ' homai is this Andreessen co-founder (from 2009), this company invested in technology companies. And there are more than 4 billion in AUM (2559, August). Tamper-proof itself is a software engineer and entrepreneur who is working on the mosaic browser. The browser for the first time in history. He is also a Board Member, Facebook and co-founder of Netscape.

He has invested in the company and 2 Coinable TradeBlock bitcoin:

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert

The founder and CEO of digital currency, the group works with the world financial system, and is intended to support the. Blockchain and the company overall Bitcoin His firm has invested in nearly 75 by Bitcoin Silbert to Genesis the currency trading firm and the investment firm gray level in currency. He also announced the Exchange Fund companies that Bitcoin is roughly 143 billion in AUM.

Blythe masters.


The former Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase And the company ceo of the holding company works on digital asset processing tools to encrypt. The goal of her company is to enhance the security and performance of your trading. (Especially commercial Bitcoins) they want do Wall Street activities, such as. Blockchain, the company has raised more than 60 million dollars in capital and has already grown 6 offices worldwide.

David diglett, noting:

Cryptocurrencies forex

The founder and ceo of financial companies with R3 's headquarters in New York, will lead the organization that contains more than. 50 institutions, the company aims to bring cutting-edge technology to world financial markets. They cooperate with banks, especially to those who work. With blockchain technology and use Bitcoin

After Adam

Trends in exchange rates, Cryptocurrencies

Co-founder and Chairman of the current Blockstream companies that find ways to speed up innovation. Of return, the company has assembled a team is working on new innovations at large. And powerful technology and therefore they raise more than 76 million. He said that Blockstream is the first company that supports the application of technology. Blockchain and various types of Bitcoin assets.

Cryptocurrencies technical analysis

I noticed that the technical analysis, technical price action on of my favorite job. BTC us dollars and other currencies and numbers format will notice from these assets. The level of successful transactions with the help of a relatively high.

Try to analyze the graph from the BTC/H4 USD 2560 may.


In May the growth of Bitcoin continuously. There is a strong upward trend, BTC/usd rates above 50 MA and 200 MA, almost every time it shows the strength of major buyers. Classic eye-shaped "triangle" (but not part is suitable), Founded in the mid- Said about the continuation of the current trend. As a result. This theme works great quotation tick figure defeat BTC/USD (USD 1860), born May 19 from a pair of sharp growth.

There is a great opportunity to open positions countertrend in late may offer a short-term fix to the "bearish extremism." My favorite format, PA born near this couple's history high. The fix is strong enough, the quotation USD/BTC to 1860 baht glass support level.

BTC/USD rallies have continued since the beginning of the month. The price beat a local resistance. 2300 USD "If the same bullish." Show a continuation of the current trend. This setting also works better.

Summary, I can conclude that cryptocurrencies very likely and highly profitable investment tools. At the same time, these asset risk level Experimentally worked quite well for a digital currency I will continue to check your changes. Bitcoin Ethereum and I'm sure these tools can provide a good opportunity for profit in the near future.

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    Bitcoin has seen amazing increases during the last few years and there will be those who will claim that the success is about to end and the currency crumble. Those of us continue believe in the idea of a user owned system away from the control of the financial establishment. We don’t believe that the currency is past it’s best. We will be staying with Bitcoin and are quite certain that BTC will continue to rise more rapidly than before.

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