How to become a Forex trader to profit – 5 tips.

Do you have any tips how to succeed. Or, there may be some secrets that will make every man has profits entrepreneur. I've heard that just 10% of the profit continuously and at rest. 90% of their lost money, so Things to do in this 10% of the luckies.

Not so long ago. I've been interested in additional income on the Internet. After a bunch of ads. Read the inspiring stories try to trade on the market for a few years. Touch and go through more of the primary.

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Some people nefsuk hoping that they will become professional traders overnight and started making millions of dollars. But trading Forex Forex training must be successful throughout the process of learning.

Before you start spending more time in the trading forums. Interacting with other traders in several career reading books and articles.


First step to become a profitable trader is good training. You should be aware that it will take a long time, even for several years. There are a lot of free educational resources can help get the trading knowledge. I have written about my list above. Exchange resource

If you do not start and think you have the skills, knowledge, expertise, expand.

Development plan the trade and follow it.

You hear this command and "plan your trade and trade." I agree fully with it. The development plan is one of the tips.

The trading plan is kind of my safety. When there is a strong market situation. I remain in the balance, you know, as the trade is working well, and make more profit. Others in the case.


My trading plan, risk management covers the points list. The market and time frame.

The development of the trade plan. Answer the following questions:

  • What is your time frame. Define the time frame you have a 30-minute trading, 1 hour, 4-hour guide beginners in higher time frames trading. (H1-D1)
  • What financial tools you will buy. For the beginners guide "branch": EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD and USD/JPY.
  • The terms of the order, until you don't form the rules of time management. From the write down all trading conditions should be met before entering the market. You may purchase purchase sales support and oppose. Acne or technical sales. Avoid using too many indicators. The number of indicators in the chart might distract you from trading. For example, use the MACD and price resistance zone waiting for a few signs before the open position. If the loss is greater than the profit. Your strategy is likely to be effective.
  • Place the Stop Loss that I've never entered a trade without a stop loss. The sample position, the stop loss is located lower than the purchase price. Consider: you open in the long term and stop loss 1.2600 placed if the closing price of losing 1.2570 1.2570 trade will automatically stop.
  • To make a profit, you should know how to take profits if the price moves in your favor. Recommend close by trying to seize 1:2 1:3 the risk/yield ratio.


When you specify the main themes of the trading plan. Next, when you have a clear view of the terms of trade. It will help you to achieve profits.

Maintain a trading journal

Multiple trading journal mind, keep. At the moment they thought it useless at the start of my career. I think so, but when I'm lost and need to remember what the cause of this error. Can make.

Since I edit the details of my trading activity. And track the error consistently. Helps me a lot with the record of my past trades. And it helps to look back in the past. And to examine gaps in the trading strategies. How do I get rid of the mother.

Plan your trading week.

Professional traders, it is advisable to check the calendar before the weekly economic news, trading must be aware of the schedule.

I've written previously that it better stay away from the market during the news so important before the start of the trading week. I looked through the economic calendar and choose an activity that will be important for me to buy. Information about the date and time is important, for me it helps me from entering the market in no time.

Why should I subscribe to the table below shows a good example of what is happening in the market before. And one of the big news out.

Trade tips, news

You can see the July 12 market quickly dispersed after the meeting, the Bank of Canada. USD/CAD bid by more than 200 points, while monetary policy will be tightened.

Before news of the trading is such a gamble. You don't know how the market will react to the event.

Support the use and resistance.

Understanding on the important skills to have any one of the entrepreneurs. Get the price levels and price levels, bounce, or pause to reflect supply and demand.

The price moves up or down, depending on supply and demand. Terms related to the purchase. While vendor. When your needs grow. The increase in price when supply increases. The price fall.

Support is a price level that need strengthening. And pricing When prices start falling, buyer will be enabled. A significant number of purchase orders that do. That prevents the price reduced again Support often acts as a trigger to buy.

Supply levels, strengthen the resistance. When prices are high. The buyer rejected the pressure of events, the seller rather than the buyer. And the number of sales orders that prevent significant price increases. Resistance levels often act as a trigger in the sale.

Resistance model for support to the barrier falling economic growth and the possibility that the braking rate. "Obstacles", this will be less than if the price rebounded from it.

Resistant district

Also, when the price breaks, it is the level of becoming resistant, and vice versa.

Shopping tips you need to help you succeed in trading. Oh, I forgot, near … You should set a goal for real trading. Don't expect to become a $10 $0 100 in short successful traders have expectations about their profits as per the deposit in the account. They do not expect the get rich quick.

Hope these tips will be useful for you.

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