How to use stop loss strategy.

Hello, my friend. Not long ago, I promise you'll tell some words about the stop loss strategy trading. Now When you already know that this order. Start learning how to make money from it.

No stop loss strategy 4:

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  • Based on volatility
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  • Stop loss

1 stop loss strategies, volatility.

Let's start learning with us is considered volatile. The distance that can be passed by the exact time. If you know the word you can forecast price movements. And the set order SL properly.

For example, … Did you know that approximately EUR/USD volatility 65-70 dice every day so? We can make the appropriate conclusions to the stop loss setting. The 20 points to the mobile market, 3 unconscious to 3.5 times stronger if you set such a low. Likely to hit your stop loss.

For information that is actually about the volatility. Use the Bollinger bar indicator, it gives you a chance to know the current market situation.

Another indicator that you can work as a prerequisite. The actual averages, it is easy to use and works for all trading platforms. Remote settings. Calculation of quantity or time for the bar. The movement of the average price in that time. If you see the chart day 20 in the setting of indicators showing the movement day 20, 30, and 40.50 … And for a different time period (H1, H4, etc.).

The objectives of this strategy. Finding space for the movement of prices. For your own safety, and the loss at each end.

The stop loss strategies, volatility.

2 static stop loss strategy.

This is the typical strategy of trade loss. One of the Referred to as the loss level,% from suppliers are often calculated from the sum of deposit. Frequently, equal to 2% of all silk, but can be changed from the 10% of 2 If no aggressive trading style, to stop you from taking risks. 10% of your capital, but more careful If you are a novice to several experts. (And I agree with them). Recommend no more than 2% risk.

The trick is to … Everything seems easy in this strategy. The stop loss is not. In fact, the There are not.

And, I will answer the question: "why." Use the fixed operator calculates the size of his own, but the market? SL on the left side, and a complete and accurate understanding of the strategy, this loss is to stop trading.

You should keep an eye on the current market situation. And the rules of the trading system is better if you follow the rules of risk management. But remember that on different days. The market may be different either. Therefore, the level of loss may be different, such as.

Not a good buy, sell, stop loss coming. However, there are some people and time.

Static stop loss strategy.

AEK 3 stop-loss strategy.

Therefore, the I have mentioned before. We should base our security orders about the working of markets. And this makes sense right.

How to measure the level of S & R price for forecasting trends, but also. We are not sure 100% that advances in speech or echo back from the level of the most frequently. The test is just beginning to reverse.

Therefore, the Setting a stop loss to exceed these levels make sense. At least if they conquer. We can overcome the low loss with open trade opposite.

Egbert stop loss strategy.

Time-based strategy, 4 for stop loss

This one will be calculated based on your own time. Period of time/day/week/month or trading during the Conference, some may be. (For the United States, Asia, etc.).

Try as you enter the trade on the currency pair. EUR/CHF range, but when the European market. The movements are excessive sleepiness will receive. Therefore, it is feeling the money in better management of trade opening on another couple of sessions. Active now.

The volatility in the market as the source of the money and stop loss strategy. Trading will not work without.

At the same time, remember that it should not be open to manage. Storage for a long time, these are the reasons why:

  1. You are nervous and may be left open all night long.
  2. When you manage to catch a space open for the holidays.
  3. You may lose the chance to manage again. Excessive profits.

For this reason, buy stops by the time loss is useful for making more profit.

The stop loss strategies, trading with price movements.

It may be knowledge. Using the selling price, and it works fine for me, and there are many ways to include these:

Bar pin for stop-loss strategy.

To set the most appropriate level of bar code near the tail. Pin is better than using a small stop loss. The strategy almost 1-10 style point if there is a down trend. We should set our SL side tail. In the case of a trade, we should do the opposite, just look for. How to make it in the image below:

Bar pin for stop-loss strategy.

Inside the bar, stop loss strategy.

If there is a bar in the chart. Mae candles near high low SL fantasies are likely increased in the market. Therefore you should set point below low candle style

Inside the bar, stop loss strategy.

Trends in resisting the small fraternity of loss.

SL should be located near the lower leg bars that soon there will be a signal of a reversal that may occur. You will find the signal back and put stop loss near the height/low depending on market trends. It is likely that reduced to become one with the speed up. Lol this SL below price formation, it is the most secure, and keep in mind that this order should not be too large.

Counter trend to smaller stop loss strategy

The stop loss range trading strategy.

If you are trading, you may notice that the height setting will appear in the scope of the trading range. To stop the small fraternity of the lack of means. This order is valid. Set near the scope or level of formation

See how I've done it at the screen:

The stop loss range trading strategy.

Stop loss trade in the market.

There are only two options when the market retraces or pulling back to level, because the trend:

  • We can insert, format, to the North of the. SL levels price movements.
  • We can also define the order that exceeds the level.

Here is an example that I trade this strategy: stop-loss.

Stop loss trade in the market.

The breakout of the stop loss strategy. The most popular market.

Sometimes the We can notice a pause or a flat after a strong trend changes. These are the signs of acne off trading. Here we have two options for the location so lucratively SLs:

  • Placed near the 50% mark of the whole range.
  • Placed on either side of the PA install.

I use it often as a first stage. Stop this position and therefore have the opportunity to increase the proportion of the risk compensation effect.

The breakout of the stop loss strategy.

At the same time. Some vendors without stop loss. Or small stop loss Forex strategy is not large, but do not use them to lose a dangerous strategy. Too much more secure.

And now … In the end, he wants to make recommendations about strategies for stopping the loss of your choice.

  1. Use a stop loss on your account with your strategy. The stop loss too, but mostly by traders who have experience dice 25-40 will be more than enough.
  2. Use one or two stop loss strategy. You won't confuse it with a variety of them. And it will provide the primary option and earn money.
  3. Move your labels (if you use trailing stops, which I described in my previous article) to lock in your profit. Try to finish, but it does not extend to order SL.

Also I would like to share my personal method. Used for calculations for trading management

The following rules, doing it yourself … Work with General probabilistic trading, we cannot predict the price will definitely. Entrepreneurs who establish a set of rules (trading system). He will manage his profits and minimizing the chance of slope is required. Control your risk profile and the risk/reward is a plus.

In my trading system at risk per trade, fixed amount. I risk 2% registered capital when open.

Here is an example of how to calculate my:

Assume that open deposit USD 5000 for testing my ideas so. I will lose no more than 5000 USD. * 2% = 100 Baht in every trade, the risk/reward is equal to the 1:2 I use is also often a 1:2 3.

Format bar Pin occurs near a strong support level. EUR/usd, I decided to turn to stop-loss will be equal to the logical. 25 so I'll open, 0.4 (4 USD per point). If the market goes against my will I lost 2% or USD 100?

The signal to open the status length into the storm the next day. How do I stop the logic of loss will be 50 points, then (because of the fact that the signs that appear on a larger time frame). In this situation, can open many positions lost only. 2 0.2% of the registered capital of me if I am wrong again. But if it is, the net profit (+ 200 USD), will close, and the loss of driving + 100 Baht accounts.

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