Best Forex analytics that I read every day.

Not so long ago Someone asked if I had read some market analysis and can find it. I read a comment The market and try to compare the technical data and the analysis of its own forecasts.

See my article about free live news. In the same article, you will find information about market news. Forex and comments but do not have the resources to work on my.

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Here are some of the most useful Web sites with quality technical analysis. And performed well.

BK asset management.

This is the blog of Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg-they are both experienced traders. With good performance, they will know the author of the story. Exchange rates and various articles.


Here you can find latest news. The economic calendar analysis. Charts and other things of interest for investors. I can say that expert analysis much logic. And reliable, even though it’s always better to compare the ideas of others that you.


This website is a great opportunity for technical analysis. Stock market analysis section, and the owner of self analysis.
Note to register if you want to use this service. You can set up the format of the technical analysis of the asset you are interested in. (Shares, commodities, currency pairs), instructions on the Web site.

Analysis of autochartist

JustForex analysis

JustForex analysis (I bought it with the broker) is not expensive. I am glad that they have created a method of price movements. Because I am with manual PA too. Check every day to compare with expectations from the market forecast.

Analysis of exness

Analysis ofexness (broker, previous usage). Not bad as well. They know what form that occurs in different pairs to go.

Buy never sell with, but read their analysis in any way. They take into account the main events on the currency pair may be useful in trading.

Trade Center.

Another popular resource, even if I don’t ever get used to people and they are comfortable with their analysis. So I just heard about this service.

I think now, because of my previous article I linked to. You will have a variety of data sources.

Please share with your friends at the merchant. I hope that is useful.

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  1. Oh,i have never thought that brokrs analytics can be good, and never read it. if you say it’s good, i’l give it a try
    by the way, is autochartists paid resource?

    1. Mohammad Hafiz says:

      You can use it for free for a couple of weeks. But then you’ll have to pay for it. So, now you can try to test it and then decide is it worth to pay for it 🙂

  2. Interesting article! I’m just starting out with forex, so seeing that this much resources are available is super! but quite intimidating, it is ALOT of info to process..

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