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Everyone who trades on Forex understands the power of the news influence on the currencies price. Some traders prefer even pause their work in the market due to the high volatility, unpredictable price movement and spread widening. Hence, being aware of the main economic events has paramount importance for every trader. So, I have gathered the most helpful resources that can be used for monitoring the live Forex news.

Real time Forex news

Watching real time news on Forex can help both to keep up to date with all economic events and make a nice profit with trading while news releases. Anyway, I’d like to notify that it’s very very risky and I don’t trade news myself as I prefer more conservative trading.

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But those who prefer real time trading, these websites will be extremely helpful.

Real time Forex news


Probably, this resource is already familiar to you. It’s a news and analytics portal that belongs to IG Group and helps thousands or even millions of traders all over the world. Helpful articles, news alerts, technical analysis can be found there. There is also a special section with educational articles for newbies. The current major quotes are shown on any page, so you can notice the fluctuations and go to the terminal for managing your trades if the price goes in the opposite direction.


This one looks alike the previous site at first glance. You can find the technical analysis for different currency pairs (as well as their current quotes) and even stocks here. Education and Social trading sections will encourage and teach beginners to trade better. There are also reviews about Forex brokers, live quotes, charts, and much more. Everything from how-to guides to live trading signals can be found here.


These guys provide real-time commentary for FX, equity and other financial markets during the Asian, US and UK sessions. 15 professional analysts work there for more than 25000 listeners all over the world. They say they have 40 screens with the actual market information and Real time Forex news. Sounds nice, so check it out.


This website is a real treasury for traders of all styles and techniques. Streaming Real time Forex news is the thing that attracts many people to this website. You can also share your account and show your performance with others with Myfxbook. In general, I can call this resource as a special social network for traders. More than 90000 people have already registered on it. The minimum you need for the start is an MT4 account with a 3-month history. Anyway, even without registering an account, you’ll have access to the Economic Calendar, Forex market news stream, Broker reviews and any other open information.

Real time Forex news

Forex markets news and commentary

These websites provide not just Forex market news, but also market commentary by professional traders and financial analytics. You can use it in real time trading and in swing trading as well.


If you enter this financial portal, you’ll find a great amount of useful info that can help your real time trading. Calendar, quotes, technical analysis, opinions of traders well-known in the whole world. I bet if you open that section, you’ll find familiar names.

As for me, I use this resource for monitoring the economic calendar. Here is an example of how it looks like. By the way, keep in mind that a report on the US labor market will be released tomorrow at 20:30 (GMT+8).

Real time Forex news


This website is full of analysis (both technical and fundamental) with market forecasts by the great number of professional analytics. I’ve even found that there are my broker’s analyst posts there either. I with I predicted the price movement so precisely either!

They publish news of all financial markets: Forex, commodities, stocks, futures, funds, etc. By the way, I like how they review the current situation on gold and oil.


This resource is useful for getting acquainted to the market commentary on Forex and commodities markets.

All in all, real time Forex markets news can help you greatly while making important decisions. So, don’t miss a chance to improve your trading and visit all the resources I’ve listed, they are free and the same useful!

P.S. And here is the list of websites that are dedicated to the financial markets. I look through them once a week to be aware of what’s happening to the world economics.


You can find financial news, information on Forex, stocks, commodities, and many other useful data.

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