James Howells Wants to Get Back His Bitcoins…

James Howells

… which are worth more than 74 million pounds now! Do you remember the man who threw away his computer with 7500 Bitcoins on its hard disk? I was still wondering why didn’t he do anything to find it again. Bitcoin is growing every day and he could be a millionaire… I have met the new information on that recently.

He DID take a serious action (I’d do the same). He offered the Newport city council 10% of his Bitcoin capital for digging his laptop from the dump.

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James started working with the cryptocurrency much before it became well-known. 4 years ago he threw his device away accidentally, forgetting about a plenty of Bitcoins stored on it. That time, 7500 Bitcoins equalled to $700K. But now… this sum is worth more than $100 million (or $74 million pounds).

Young IT specialist tried to contact the city council for a few times, but they refused him on ‘several occasions’.

So, James decided to offer them a part of his Bitcoin funds with the hope that they would help him.

He wanted to ensure them that he would follow all the standards while digging and would put everything back after he found his computer.

James Howells

However, the council denied his request for a reason. Excavation may take a great period of time as there are 350K tonnes of waste in the landfill, and 50K tonnes come there every year. This process may harm the environment and will cost millions of pounds. There are no guarantees that Mr Howells’ HDD remained safe as under other waste it could suffer from corrosion.

I understand him as this HDD contains a huge fortune! But I can understand Newport council as well, their statements make sense.

How do you think, are James’ efforts worth the whole deal?

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