How to Turn Your iPad into a Second Screen

ipad as a second screen

Hello, fellow Forex traders! I can bet that everyone is willing to increase the effectiveness of the trading with using two monitors! But what should you do in case you have just one monitor and an iPad? The best way is to turn your iPad into a second screen! Surely, it will be just an additional display, as I have no idea how to work effectively on a 9.7” screen, but as an assistant, it can be brilliant.

However, I have to draw your attention to the fact that using a dual display may be addicting. I used my iPad as the second screen for some time, it was so difficult to get used to watching everything just on one screen. Anyway, I don’t find this addiction harmful, so don’t hesitate to turn your iPad as the second screen right away!

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Before we get started, I’d like to note that the screen iPad apps I’m going to describe here may work only in one team with additional software for your Mac or PC. The nice news is that it is free. And here are the best apps to connect your iPad to the main screen:

Duet Display

The only bad thing about this iPad app is that it’s available only for Macs. Still, it’s not a problem in case you’re the Mac user. The app connects to the Mac via a Lightning or 30-pin (charging) cable. The connection of this app is fast and you can use it without lagging.
The price for it is moderate, the app costs about $15 on the App Store.

Air Display

This is the main competitor of the previous app that allows using your iPad as the second screen. The last version of it works only with Macs as well and can be connected via a cable but not Wi-Fi. It makes the functioning of the iPad second screen smooth and fast. If you want to use the iPad with Windows, try Air Display 2. You can get the 3-rd version of the application on the App Store for nearly $10 or on the official website of Avatron (its developers).

Splashtop, iDisplay, DisplayPad, etc.

The previous two applications are not alone, your iPad can be transformed into another screen with the help of several other programs. They are all compatible with PCs. Still, working in a conjunction with your iPad can be much slower as the apps like these are using other technologies.
DisplayPad is cheap and costs just one dollar, but the process is more complicated, it affects its overall performance.
iDisplay costs $15 (the same as the first app on my list), but its efficiency is far away from it.
You can also check out a free version of the Splashtop app, and extend to a full version for $10 if you like it.

If you have the experience of using some other apps, please share it in comments! 😉

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