Forex traders must know about Japan Yen

What do you know about Japan? Land of the rising sun Sakura sushi and high-tech economic development and what about currency-yen.

The yen is the currency back up, and the third most traded currency after the United States dollar and the euro. The most important currency in the world after the U.S. dollar/Euro 4 pound Sterling currency, Japan’s banks are controlled by Japan.

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Yen: a brief history

The yen is the name of the medal round, and “round” in the dialect of Japan is the yen yuan (en) first time out. In the year 1869, and in 1871 had agreed as a primary unit of the country.

Japan Yen

Japan currency is attached to the gold standard. And equal to 1.5 grams of gold, but, depending on the properties of the Japan economy. The gold standard to throw several times and used again.

In the year 1933 Japan officials cancel the gold standard. A few years later the country tied notonla United: 1 Yen. Dollars, Yens at 360 Japan

In May 1953, the currency in which Japan received the status of a world currency. Today, the yen is the currency most stable world. In currencies, the yen would own any properties. Understanding which improves trading results.

Yen in Forex

The yen is one of the most popular currency in the market. It traded at JPY currency codes with the popularity can be explained by the country’s highly developed economy. Japan is one of the leaders of the world economy. The country’s banks dominate position in the world rankings.

In addition, one of the world’s financial capital, the Tokyo Stock Exchange are located in Japan, including country offices. And the central headquarters of the leading banks in investment and finance.

Japan Yen

Japan currency has the following properties:

  • High volatility. The volatility of the yen range, Asia, high enough to make a profit. Japanese Yen rate might change from one of the hundreds of points in one trading session. But note: some predict movement and can easily cause you to lose big. To avoid this, place the Stop Loss
  • Low interest rates, Japan reduced interest rates to 0.1 percent in the month of January-2559, low interest rates, such as to allow to use Yen in carry trades. According to this strategy. Traders sold the currency with lower interest rate to buy currencies with higher interest rates. Each country has its own interest rate. So we can get the interest rate. Is the difference.
  • The currency rate is low, the popularity of yen in Forex are caused by the currency’s price, Japan. Japan is the world’s exporters of goods. The majority of manufactured goods for the international market. Everyone knows that car Japan-Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, the Government of Japan is interested in reducing the value of the money to make the product competitive in the global market, Japan.

How to trade currency pairs, with the Japanese yen.

Yen currency quoted Superintendent The positive news in this currency, leading to a reduction. USD/JPY, and vice versa.

Rakhatkun offers a second standing in a currency pair. I.e. the currency in which you buy the base currency.

Yen will constitute a “refuge” currency during high risk and uncertainty. Traders to buy or sell a currency pair with Yen.

The currency is expected to be stored as the value to compare with the other currencies. Lol in a time of turmoil in the markets. ¥ Secure currency CHF USD will be treated as a refuge currency, for a long time.

As I said before. Fethiye is a relatively low-cost model versus other currencies. Lol, so besides the currency pairs with 2 or 3 decimals no yen for 4 or 5 decimal places, such as the different currency pairs. Lol, that is the one point is 0.01 (for 2)

Currency pairs USD/Yen is common with JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and AUD/USD – consider Yen JPY.

Japan Yen

Buy or sell a currency pair USD/JPY

The popularity of the pair is determined by the developed countries of the United States and Japan. The high volatility of quotations and reliance infrastructure.

USD/JPY will two position in terms of liquidity and trading volume in the market. More than 17% of Forex open all orders on an account. Forex USD/JPY, for in a currency pair USD/JPY and USD as the base currency is the yen quotation, that means that the USD/JPY quote shows how much you have to pay for one yen to the dollar.

USD/JPY means a group of long term trend and strong motion. And you can use any technical tools. USD/JPY for analysis rather than responding with good fundamentals USD/JPY could move tens of points. When other couples make small movements, so it is important to follow the economic activity. In the United States and Japan, and politics

USD/JPY is one currency pair, which are influenced by important news related to the U.S. dollar. The most important economic reports: retail sales Employment rate and other reports from the Federal Reserve System. Important in the economic fundamentals of Japan statistics tracking. Such as a CPI Japan’s balance of trade BOJ Tankan survey, GDP.

Therefore, the Try to summarize What to look for when buying the USD/JPY:

  • ซืคู่สกุล money in Asian trading. You can also observe higher volatility, and trading activities during all day. (Asia, Europe, and North America).
  • Traders will often select the USD/JPY in situations where there is a risk in the market.
  • USD/JPY currency pair are of importance to the economic and political factors that make this instrument by trading strategy based on fundamental analysis.
  • I would recommend beginners to start trading with. USD/JPY currency pair with high volatility. If you select the USD/JPY will be ready for the sudden jump in price.
  • Not that there will be too much of a strong yen. The Bank of Japan to weaken the measure.

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