Keyboard shortcut MetaTrader 4

Be observed in almost all modern computers. Allow the user to accelerate his work. The trading terminal MetaTrader 4 is not an exception, it contains more shortcut keys that you can guess.

To use MT4 ongnan price chart

Start with conventional key, these are the key "up" arrow (↑), a "down" (↓), "right", "left" (→) (←). With help, you can navigate to the price schedule:

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  • The button "up" or "left" button. Move the chart on the left.
  • The button "down" or "right". The key to moving the chart to the right.

These keys instead of a regular mouse wheel scrolling. Where most traders move according to the chart.

For faster movement. You can use shortcut keys to other MT4 Terminal:

    • "Up front" "page down" Scroll the entire page with price charts.
    • The "Home" button to the very beginning of the price chart.

Ongna up and down

  • The "end" button. Move to the end of the chart.
  • Sometimes need to see how the dialog some basic currency pairs event. The "enter" key will help.

"Enter". Move to a specific date by entrepreneurs.

After pressing "enter" a separate window, which need to enter dates. After the second press "Enter", the chart will move to the desired quote.

To change the scale of a chart

To change the scale of a chart by using the buttons on the toolbar. You can use:

  • +-Extended size of the chart.
  • "-"-Respectively. To reduce the size of the chart.

Delete use MT4 graphics hotkeys.

Each entrepreneur. Draw a chart analysis, some level of support and resistance lines, shapes, etc., technical traders, mostly using the delete objects that are not needed. Discontinued menu with the right mouse button However, removing unnecessary objects from the tree can be easily. With only two buttons:

  • "Del" removes all the objects in the selected chart. By entrepreneurs.
  • "Backspace" removes the last object that was created from the price chart.

If you delete something by accident and want to give it back. Use the "Ctrl," "Alt" "+" Z "or" Backspace ".

To change the chart type.

As you know, MetaTrader 4Terminal by default, using three main types of graphics: Japan candle bar. Line chart for each type of graphics that have their own keyboard shortcuts:

  • "Alt" + 1 "show bar chart.
  • "Alt" + 2 "candle charts.
  • "Alt" + 3 "shows a line chart.

Keyboard shortcut alt

Close the window.

With the cross. The tradition is in the right corner of the program window. All of the Windows you can use the "Esc" button to close the program or shortcut key combination, MetaTrader 4 next:

  • "Esc" closes the window open.
  • "Ctrl" + "W" or "Ctrl" + "F4" off the chart window.

Open tabs

A toolbar button that opens more tabs can be changed successfully. By the following shortcuts:

  • "Ctrl" + "U" symbol window.
  • "Ctrl" + "M" called the tab "Market Watch"
  • "Ctrl" + "D" open window "information" tab.
  • "Ctrl" + "N" Navigator "tab called"
  • "Ctrl" + "T" open Terminal "tab.
  • "Ctrl" + "R" opens "the Tester".

Switching between profiles

Makklum number of traders charts into the profile. To move between one should use the following key combination:

  • "Shift" + "F5 Move between the profiles.


The author of the MetaTrader 4 isn't a bloody hue, each response:

  • "F1" calls "Userguide"
  • "F2" retrieve archived quotations.
  • "F3" open a window for adding a global variable.
  • The "F4" MetaEditor
  • "F6" is open to testing strategy Tester, which is attached to a chart. Consult a trade.
  • Qualifications of a consultant attached to the chart. Called the "F7".
  • The Chart Properties window called "F8."
  • Open a window called "F9".
  • "F10" window quotations.
  • "F11" at the price chart window unfolds into full-screen mode.
  • "F12", move the chart price by one bar in advance to move back by one bar. Use "Shift" + "F12".

So these are the shortcut keys useful program. Metatrader 4, hope these tips are helpful for you. And your work with MT4 will be more comfortable. If I miss anything interesting. Please write in the comments;)

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