Quick reviews of MQL5 coupons

Not long ago, MetaQuotes, suggested a new feature called coupon. MQL5 every day, it became very popular among the investors and brokers. Today I’m going to do a little research and tell you about them in detail.

What is the MQL5?

MetaQuotes language 5 (MQL5) is an object oriented programming language-specific high level, that allows to create a robot that trades and techniques. It is based on the concept of knowing. C and c++ programming languages.

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The first episode is MQL5 programming language for automated trading systems. Many things can aid in the work of the operator is written in this language. (Such as robots or scripts).

Since the beginning has grown from the MQL5 programming language, just a large pool. There are indicators, EAs VPS server script (copy of purchase) trading.

Improve it and expand the MetaQuotes range of services regularly. So have recently introduced a new feature called the coupon. I was interested in what things look like and do research on mini for you.

What is the purpose of MQL5 coupons?

This service is used on the Asia EXPO 2017 iFX, the purpose of the March coupon support traders who want to use the services or applications for the platform. MT, by their brokers to encourage and motivate traders, including ads and expand service to new customers and then round MetaQuotes.

Mql5 coupons

What can you do with the coupons.

Only brokers can provide coupons to the vendors. And there is a possibility to receive directly from. Currently, MetaQuotes coupons every means the bonus amount for which the operator can use the service. MQL5, depending on the type of coupons.

Type of coupon in MQL5:

    1. The market for the purchase of any products. Electrical connections from the market, MetaTrader (such as a robot or expert advisor technique).


    1. The signal for the subscription. MQL5 trading signals


    1. Hosting coupons used for Commission payment provider. VPS (virtual host for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5).


  1. Have the coupon deposit accounts pay more for MQL5 and any service you want?

How it works

Mr. page, create coupons and given to entrepreneurs with the necessary advice, all. The merchant receives a coupon code that is generated, each of which should be inserted in the form of payment. After that you can pay for some services. MQL5 mentioned above or send money to your account-MQL5.

Since the start of this service, such as some brokers MetaQuotes RoboForex and FreshForex have the added feature of this I think that the other brokers to use BA soon as for companies to buy, sell, There are no coupons yet. I hope I will have the opportunity to apply for VPS in the near future. Of course I will share my experiences as soon as I test it myself.

Still, some brokers offer coupons to traders complying with certain conditions. For example, the operator must verify his account. Deposits with $300 and write support for coupons (I got this info from RoboForex, so are the conditions, depending on the broker).

However, the I like the general idea, and would like to thank not only for MQL5 platform MT4 VPS server works fine and comfortable, but for merchants with an interesting opportunity.

P.S. Best friend If you have already tested this new feature. Please share your experience in the comment. It will be very interesting for me to discuss.

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