The Best Trading Apps for iPhone

by: Mohammad Hafiz December 7th, 2017

As everyone who works in the Forex market, I need a constant access to my trading account and charts. Due to this fact, having a trading application on your smartphone is obligatory. I have an iPhone and I want to share the best trading and news apps for this device with you.

Top 5 Podcasts About Forex Trading

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 10th, 2017

Podcasts are useful and contain many practical tips on trading, investing, risk managing, trading psychology and other related to Forex topics. You can hunt for tips and tricks, or just listen to them if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation. In this article, I tried to gather only the best trading podcasts that will be useful for traders of any level from newbies to market experts.

Slippage on Forex

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 10th, 2017

Slippage is the difference between the expected price and the price at which the order was actually executed. It is the similar if you pay more than it was indicated on the price tag.

18-Years Old Millionaire: a Real Bitcoin Fairy Tale

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 7th, 2017
Erik Finman

Erik Finman is just 18 y.o, but he is already the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the whole world! He owns 403 bitcoins, and it equals nearly 3 million dollars, taking into account the current exchange course. Fascinating! Unbelievable! The youngster lives in Hollywood, has his own startups, luxury cars, without schools and colleges!

The Most Common Forex Myths

by: Mohammad Hafiz November 3rd, 2017

Surfing the Internet you can see a lot of offers to earn on Forex. Most of these ads tell us how easy it is to make money trading in the foreign exchange market. Having seen such a tempting advertisements, many are rushing to become traders dreaming of fast and easy profit.